Muscle soreness plagues the weekend warriors and the everyday gym rats and it is sometimes hard to predict which workouts on which days will have us hobbling around and trying not to sneeze the day after and the day after that.

There are few nutrition hacks for muscle soreness that you can build into your day which have been proven by studies to help not only with your muscles, but contribute overall to your better health. 

1)    Whole cherries or tart cherry juice decrease inflammation and speed up muscle recovery time.  Make sure these are unsweetened.

2)    Green tea comes up again and again as a great source of catechins and antioxidants that help reduce muscle damage from exercise.  Green tea is always a go to for weight loss and boosts mental function without a lot of caffeine to get addicted too. 

3)    Tumeric is one of the best and most studied spices regarding its ability to reduce inflammation.  You can add it to rice dishes and curries, scrambled eggs or consume in a tea or golden milk, which there are lots of great recipes for.  One way to make this is:

                       2 cups of water

¼ teaspoon ground tumeric

½ teaspoon ground ginger

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

½ cup almond milk or coconut milk

Raw honey

Boil water and add spices and water to blender and blend.  Stir in milk and add honey to taste.