Nutritional deficiencies can cause cravings.  Your body needs nutrients to create hormones, enzymes, cells, bone and muscle. Every single chemical reaction in your body requires nutrients.  If you aren’t getting enough of what you need, your body will crave it.  The problem is we often don’t answer that craving with what our bodies really need and so we keep craving.  When people improve their nutrition and feed those specific deficiencies, cravings disappear.  In addition to nutritional deficits, additions are another reason for cravings.  Sugar and many of the chemicals in junk food are addictive.  Sugar in particular lights up your brain in the same way cocaine does.  Sugar is highly addictive.  Once people understand the addictive qualities of sugar, it providesan appreciation for how difficult quitting sugar can be without the right nutritional support.  Willpower is not the real issue.  Understanding your body chemistry is.  Quitting sugar doesn’t have to be a permanent thing, once you break the addiction and understand the how and why of the addiction, you can enjoy sugar from time to time.  The best part is, you won’t even be much interested!