We’ve had several clients ask us about the benefits of Nordic Poles, and when used correctly Nordic Poles can be an excellent aid to your exercise routine. These specially designed poles have wrist straps or half gloves that allow you to release the pole at each stride, executing the proper Nordic walking technique.  The benefits of Nordic walking are immense. The activation of the arms helps tone the upper body while relieving strain on the knees, hips and ankles. The poles assist with working the arms, shoulders, upper chest and back muscles through a full range of motion, stretching and lengthening the muscles to loosen up the tightness. The poles also create stability on rocky or uneven surfaces allowing a steady and well-paced walk to occur (and are a lot less aging than a cane!).  In addition to stability, the motion from the poles corrects the “hunching forward” position that many people adopt while working at desks or through leisurely activities.  One note of caution: we have treated a number of people for shoulder tendonitis associated with using Nordic poles.  Mechanically we believe such aggravation is caused by raising the arm and pole too high in front in preparation for planting it.  Don’t go too high and happy walking!