Our philosophy is that there is a time and a place for orthotic prescription.  An orthotic is a medical device that looks like an insole, but that has a greater purpose than simply providing comfort. An orthotic aligns the foot and the ankle into the most anatomically efficient position, resulting in less stress and strain on the joints and ligaments. Also, orthotics can reduce or redirect some of the unwanted motion during the gait cycle, which will decrease wear and tear of the joints.  Orthotics can be used for the relief of foot pain, heel pain, shin pain, knee pain, and back pain. 

When it comes to who should have orthotics, we use the analogy of balancing the air pressure in the tires of your car - you do not have to have the air pressure perfectly balanced for your car to function but the more you drive with the tire pressure unbalanced, the more wear and tear you will have. The decision to get orthotics, or not, comes down to the degree in which your feet are ‘out of balance’ and how active you are.  Please take time to book an appointment with us to understand your risk of premature wear and tear of your joints.

To your best health!

The stepupphysio Team