How do I pay for physiotherapy

Life Force Physio accepts cash, cheque and interac (debit card). Payment is due at the time the service is rendered. Our services may be covered by your Extended Health Care (EHC) benefits plan or by your automobile insurance. You will receive a receipt on payment that contains necessary information when claiming from your EHC/ automobile insurance. We will happily complete any forms that are required by you to enable processing and payment of your EHC/ automobile insurance claim.

Our services are not covered by OHIP/WSIB.

What is a registered physiotherapist?

Registered physiotherapists are health care professionals licensed to provide treatment appropriate to your needs. Every physiotherapist in the province must meet the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario’s high standards for professional conduct and practice. A licensed physiotherapist has the expertise to make sure the care you receive is safe, effective and ethical, and reflects the latest scientific evidence. Perhaps the most important goal of physiotherapy treatment is returning our clients to an independent lifestyle and enhancement of quality of life. More specific aims of treatment commonly include:

•  improving physical mobility
•  reducing pain
•  restoring function
•  improving performance
•  optimizing healthy living, and
•  preventing disability that could arise due to disease, trauma or injury.

Your physiotherapist will inform you of the results you can expect, how long it will take to achieve them and what you can do on your own to help the process. Our physiotherapists believe clients should take an active role in their treatment; thus patient education, feedback and exercise are key components of treatment.

What formal training do physiotherapists receive?

A physiotherapist is a university graduate with a minimum of four years academic training plus clinical internships completed in recognized health care facilities. All physiotherapists practicing in Ontario must be licensed by the Ontario College of Physiotherapy. They must also pass the Canadian Physiotherapy National Exam. Physiotherapists continue their education throughout their careers by participating in specialized training courses, academic programs and professional education sessions.


Do I have to see a doctor before I can see a physiotherapist? (aka Do I need a referral?)

Physiotherapists are independent practitioners thus it is not necessary to see a physician before visiting a physiotherapist. If you are claiming your visits through insurance, however, many insurers require that you have a physician’s referral in order to receive reimbursement for your visits.

What does a physiotherapy appointment involve?

Your first physiotherapy appointment will involve the collection of information from you regarding your current condition and your past medical history. The physiotherapist will performing a thorough assessment of your reported problem which may include testing your range of motion, your muscle strength, your joint stability, balance and a number of other mechanical tests that are appropriate to your condition. This will indicate the source of your symptoms. The initial assessment appointment will usually last 45-60 minutes in total.

The physiotherapist will use the information gathered from you during this assessment to determine the most appropriate treatment(s) for your condition and will discuss this treatment with you. Once the assessment has been completed and you have provided your informed consent to participate in the treatment program your treatment will begin. Subsequent visits will consist of treatment aimed at improving your symptoms and function and preventing recurrence of your condition. Your treatment will be progressed and altered based on ongoing assessments by the therapist.

What clothing should I wear to my physio appointment?

For your first visit bring shorts and a t-shirt or other similar clothing that will enable you to be comfortable during your assessment. We provide gowns for your comfort that may better facilitate the optimal treatment for you. On your initial visit your physiotherapist will let you know what type of clothing is most appropriate for your treatments.

Is physiotherapy treatment covered by OHIP or WSIB (Workers Safety and Insurance Board)?

No. Physiotherapy treatment provided at this and all other private clinics is not covered by OHIP. We also do not treat clients who are covered under a WSIB claim.