Our personalized programs are all about you and your goals.  Whether you are ready to improve your weight, your fitness level, your performance in sport, your ability to relax or you are motivated to prevent a health decline, our team is here to help.  We have packaged our services and deliver them in an effective and organized manner that allows you to set your result expectations and achieve them with our full support.

Preventative Physio

Most of us personally know or have indirect exposure to people who are struggling with their health or mobility.  So many health problems are preventable.  Knowledge is the first critical element in preventing a problem and complete success comes from working with a practical and supportive team. Invest in your health today and avoid a health problem tomorrow.

Nutritional Coaching

Whether you find yourself battling with persistent digestive issues, cravings, low energy, concern about the aging process or you need help on the practicalities of having a healthy diet in a busy lifestyle our nutritional program is for you.    Each person is biochemically unique, from what we eat to how we each handle our stress.  Holistic Nutrition at Life Force Physio looks at the whole person, assessing potential nutritional deficiencies and addresses the whole foods, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations that are best for you.

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Gym Program

Are you intimidated by the fitness buffs at the gym, unsure of where to start with exercise or afraid of getting hurt by doing incorrect exercises?  The Life Force Physio gym program offers the safety and fun of working out with others while following an exercise program that is tailored to your needs and goals.  Feel stronger, more flexible, safer and more challenged in an environment that is fun, calm and supportive.