Pain, immobility and the related vulnerability can make it difficult to get through your day.  The Life Force Physio team wants to relieve you of pain and the related frustration.  We will listen to your concerns and through an assessment translate them into a clear understanding of the problem.  Our physiotherapy and multidisciplinary services will facilitate your healing process.  Together we will set realistic expectations on your journey to feeling better and living the life you want to live.


Decide your day, fill it with things you love to do and have the ability to embrace them all. The Life Force Physio team is here to progress your recovery from pain relief through to active living.  Walk, run, climb, travel ... with confidence and ease, enjoying the life you want to live.  Through a customized combination of exercise, education, manual therapy, massage and nutritional support we are here so you can get out of bed every day with the energy, mobility and strength to have an amazing day. 


Delivering your best performance takes commitment, passion and confidence. The Life Force Physio "perform better" programs are for those who are serious about achieving their best.  These programs involve measuring your current performance ability, comparing the results to normative and biomechanical data and identifying the health measures that need attention in order for you to prevent injury and be your best you.  We design and deliver multidisciplinary programs that bridge your current and desired health status and performance abilities.