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Life Force Physiotherapy in Etobicoke can help you reach your health goals through expert care and fantastic service. You are in good hands here.

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Get relief from your pain

Feel Better. Live Better. Perform Better.

The Life Force Physiotherapy team combines knowledge, a genuine commitment to achieve results and extensive experience to get you back on your feet; we understand that pain can consume your energy and distract you from the important and fun aspects of your life. Recovery begins with an assessment; our opportunity to hear your story and translate it into a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Don't let pain interfere with living life to the fullest

Whether you are recovering from surgery, an injury, suffering from back or neck pain and more…our team of practitioners are leaders in physiotherapy and are ready to help you get the knowledge, the help and the relief you need. Let’s face it, life is too short to let pain hold you back.

Low Back Pain



Neck Pain

Sport Injuries


Pinched Nerve


Achieve whole body wellness with our personalized programs

Life has been busy, demanding, even draining and now you want to regain lost health and fitness and also set yourself free to live life to the full, as defined by you.

Is it time to see someone for your pain?

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At Life Force Physiotherapy we use a unique model for both assessing and treating your condition

Our advanced assessment allows us to see not just your current issue but also where the root cause is and how it is affecting your entire body. Our exclusive 4-Phase System for care allows us to get long lasting successful results for all of our patients. With decades of service to our community, helping thousands of people just like you, we believe that your health comes first and we are passionate about helping you achieve your goals.

Pain & Inflammation

Phase 1
Pain & Inflammation

Reducing pain and inflammation is key to successful recovery and long term health

Strength & Mobility

Phase 2
Strength & Mobility

This phase of recovery is about movement. We actively help you to recover your range of motion and to build the strength and endurance of the correct muscles.

Function & Performance

Phase 3
Functions & Performance

This phase is about getting a complicated system with many components to operate efficiently, consistently and effortlessly.


Phase 4

 Knowledge is the first critical element in preventing a problem.

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