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Here is are some of the conditions we treat, for a more extensive list click here.
Man outside with knee pain


Physiotherapy provides the first line of treatment for arthritis.

Young woman with headache


While there are many possible causes for chronic headaches, issues in the joints or muscles of the neck are often part of the picture.

Doctor with young man experiencing back pain

Lower Back Pain

Patients with lower back pain are often referred to Physiotherapy as a first treatment before considering more aggressive options.

Older woman with computer on desk with neck pain

Neck Pain

Most neck pain cases we see have their origins in a poor work posture such as slouching or hunching over a computer or workbench.

Young woman sitting in front of computer with neck pain

Pinched Nerve

Your Physiotherapist’s approach used to treat a pinched nerve varies depending on their expert assessment of the underlying physiology.

Man experiencing back or shoulder pain

Rotator Cuff

Rotator Cuff injuries are a very common source of shoulder pain and affect millions of people every year.

Woman with lower back pain


Pain from Sciatica starts in the lower back, traveling through the buttock and down the back and outside of each leg.

Male jogger outside running

Sport Injuries

Sports injuries can be anything from muscle sprains, ligament strains, dislocations and fractures.

Runner with leg and calf pain


Tendonitis, also known as tendinopathy, is an injury causing pain, stiffness and loss of strength which can develop in any tendon of the body.

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