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The Life Force Physio Fall Prevention Program

Falls In Over 65’s Are A Serious Concern

Suffering a fall can have consequences that permeate many areas of your life. Not the least of which is the anxiety of “post-fall syndrome” characterized by a fear of getting around and falling again. Older adults frequently describe falls as a negative experience associated with the fear of being dependent on others and the need to leave their home due to reduced independence.

There is a clear relationship between falling and ageing, as the frequency of falling increases significantly with age. In fact, one in three older adults falls annually. The physical changes that come with getting older can reduce your autonomy and functional independence, which may directly or indirectly lead to falls. Among the elderly, falls are one of the main causes of injuries, physical incapacity and even death.

The Impact Of A Fall

  • Reduced independence
  • Increased fear of future falls
  • Immobility
  • Poor nutrition
  • More isolation as the fear and realities of falling increase
  • Inability to maintain one’s own home and garden, having to hire help or rely on family members.

Our Fall Prevention Program

The Life Force Physio Fall Prevention Program has been created especially for individuals with poor balance or who are at risk of falling due to a variety of reasons. Every step of your treatment is based on fall prevention research, and uses a combination of education, exercise and Biodex sessions to help you bring back the strength and mobility you need to remain confident and independent.

2 Educational Sessions

The 15-minute education sessions are designed to teach you what you need to know about fall prevention, including statistics, common issues to be aware of, and the specific exercises you can do to bring back the strength and mobility you need.

6 Weeks Of Personalized Gym Sessions

The exercise component of the Fall Prevention Program takes place during gym hours with 2 appointments per week for 6 weeks. You will work with our gym staff who will ensure your movements are correct and supervise your workout.

Each of the 12 sessions includes 15 minutes on the Biodex and 30 minutes in the gym doing fall prevention specific exercises.

Don’t let the fear of falling affect your day-to-day life and your independence. Join us in our 6 week Fall Prevention Program.


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