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Sleep is Vital To Your Health. Here are 5 Tips to Improve Your Sleep Quality

Poor sleep quality affects your day-to-day life, as anyone who has spent time sleep-deprived can ...
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Custom Orthotics – Are They The Answer To Your Foot And Back Pain?

What Are Orthotics? Orthotics look just like insoles that you can buy to put into ...
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is pain after a workout normal

How To Deal With Pain After A Workout

Experiencing muscle soreness after working out isn’t a bad thing, because it means primarily that ...
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2 Ways To Tap Into Your Body’s Own Natural Pain Relief

1 - Endorphins, Nature’s Pain Killers Endorphins are neurotransmitters that are produced by the brain ...
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13 Benefits of Improving Your Posture

Proper posture may not have been top of mind for our ancestors who spent most ...
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Jogger on It'a a Marathon Not a Sprint Blog Post

Weekend Warriors (continued)

“The Life Force Physiotherapy Team spends much of our time trying to save you – ...
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Smiling middle-aged woman outside, eyes closed, outstretched arms

Weekend Warriors! How To Protect Your Body From Pain When Summer Starts

Phew, that was a slippery winter.  It feels especially exciting this year to see that ...
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Feet, Give Your Feet a Little Love picture for blog post

Daily Exercises To Help Ease Plantar Fasciitis Foot Pain

Plantar Fasciitis flare ups can last a really long time, and even when you try ...
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Smiling young woman - We have a baseline of Happiness picture for blog post

Happiness Checklist: Are You as Happy as You Want to Be?

Are you happy? It might be a simple question, but for many people, happiness feels ...
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Woman holding back - So Many Running Injuries Actually Come from The Hip picture for blog post

How Hip Issues May Be Causing Your Runner’s Knee

As Spring bursts forth with its promise of fabulous weather, don’t let injuries like Runners ...
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