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Frozen Shoulder

Adhesive capsulitis is typically known by its more common name, Frozen Shoulder. People who injure ...
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The Physiotherapist Approach to Sciatica Treatment

Patients who suffer from Sciatica know how seriously debilitating the pain can be, but what ...
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Are the Ergonomics of Your Home Office Working for You?

Over the last few months, millions of people have switched from an office or school ...
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Help For Osteoarthritis Of The Hips And Knees

Osteoarthritis of the hips and knees can be a difficult diagnosis to receive. It is ...
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Meditation: Why It’s Vital Right Now

Tense muscles. Obsessing about the news. Anxiety about the future. Difficulty sleeping. Do all of ...
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sleep quality life force physio

Sleep is Vital To Your Health. Here are 5 Tips to Improve Your Sleep Quality

Poor sleep quality affects your day-to-day life, as anyone who has spent time sleep-deprived can ...
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Custom Orthotics – Are They The Answer To Your Foot And Back Pain?

What Are Orthotics? Orthotics look just like insoles that you can buy to put into ...
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is pain after a workout normal

How To Deal With Pain After A Workout

Experiencing muscle soreness after working out isn’t a bad thing, because it means primarily that ...
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2 Ways To Tap Into Your Body’s Own Natural Pain Relief

1 - Endorphins, Nature’s Pain Killers Endorphins are neurotransmitters that are produced by the brain ...
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13 Benefits of Improving Your Posture

Proper posture may not have been top of mind for our ancestors who spent most ...
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