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You Can’t Out Exercise A Bad Diet…

Ok, you’re not 17 anymore, so those high fat snack cravings that you indulge are having an effect…and, unlike when you were younger, the effects are sticking. The trouble is, even if you exercise constantly, you won’t be able to outpace the effects of those cravings. Great bodies are made in the kitchen and sculpted in the gym.

It is extremely difficult to exercise enough to counteract the resultant calories of indulgent high-fat or sugary cravings. If you are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body, start with a nutrition plan and add an exercise routine.

There are a number of reasons that outpacing a bad diet with exercise is not possible:

1. You’re not a professional athlete.

That’s true, the vast majority of us are not professional athletes. Depending on the sport, a professional athlete would consume anywhere between 5,000 and 12,000 calories a day. For us mere mortals, a calorie figure of between 2,000 and 2,500 should be consumed, and that’s if you exercise moderately. So, loading yourself with a high-carb, calorically dense meal doesn’t make sense if you are only doing a 4k jog.  Instead, stick to healthy eating, if you indulge rarely, that’s ok but don’t make it a regular occurrence.

2. To have the energy to exercise you need to eat enough.

Choosing a diet that reduces one element, e.g. calories or carbohydrates is just as harmful as eating a diet high in fat. A very restrictive nutrition plan, when paired with intense exercise, could leave you leaning on your muscle mass for energy. When your body doesn’t get enough fat it leaves you unable to produce sufficient energy to grow muscle when you exercise.

3. Lading yourself with the wrong foods will hold you back from peak performance.

To effectively change your physique and stay toned requires intense exercise. To complete intense exercise, your body needs the right fuel…That means that you need to forgo the soda and chocolate, which may give you a sugar high that you mistake as energy, and swap it for a healthy alternative. . Another side effect of consuming high-fat snack in the evening is that it could be disrupting your sleep which has it’s own detrimental effect on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

For intense exercise, the preferred foods are a combination of carbohydrates and protein along with adequate carbohydrates prior to exercising. As a general guide, aim for about 30 percent of your diet from protein, 40 percent from carbs and 30 percent from fat.

4. You won’t be able to focus on specific body areas .

If your aim is to have six-pack abs or a better butt, eating excess calories is a major no-no as these calories head right to these areas.  So even if you’ve worked to gain muscle in these areas, it will be covered by a layer of fat. The only method to achieving your aim is to keep your diet in check.


5. Eat unhealthily and you won’t want to exercise.

When you eat unhealthily, you body will not feel at its best, and, as a result, you won’t feel like exercising. It’s a self fueled circle, if you eat well you are motivated to exercise which in turn will make you eat better and so fuels the circle of good diet leading to exercise resulting in a healthier you.

A healthy diet and a safe exercise program are essential cornerstones of living healthily. Weight loss needs to start in the kitchen. 

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