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Ever wonder why, sometimes, you don’t look forward to exercising?

Why it is that, while most people want to be healthier, more of us don’t exercise regularly? Is it because of our need to avoid feeling uncomfortable? For a lot of people, modern living means that we are always comfortable, the thermostat is set to the right temperature, comfortable beds, warm showers and soft clothes whereas the essence of exercise is to push your body to the point where it feels uncomfortable — uncomfortable when judged against how we feel normally. So, is it easy to say that it is modern first world living that is making us reject physical discomfort? Is it that exercising is just too uncomfortable when measured against living in the modern world?.

We have all heard, and possibly used, lines like “I can’t stand sweating”, “I don’t like exercising in front of others in the gym” or “I hate exercising when it’s dark and cold”. It’s time to stop using these excuses.  Don’t let the discomforts of exercising stop you from exercising….you stop noticing any discomfort as your fitness improves.  Just the other day a client who regularly competes in mud run obstacle races commented that she is now used to wearing wet, muddy socks, shoes and not feeling her cold feet as much.  Now that she has a number of mud runs done, it’s no longer an issue, hardly even notices.

To break the excuse cycle, challenge yourself to tackle a discomfort that you have used to avoid exercising. Run up a big sweat, get out in the rain without an umbrella, exercise outdoors when it’s cold and, once you have tackled your particular discomfort, you will feel a massive sense of accomplishment. The added bonus is that the modern world comforts of a hot shower and warm clothes will now feel even better and you will have taken a massive step towards a healthier you.

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