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Woman in yoga position on beach - The all over sync…mind and body blog post

The all over sync…mind and body

Hit the ground running and…stop.

Last thing at night, you plug in your smartphone and leave it within an arm’s reach while you sleep. As your alarm wakes you, your first reaction is to pick up your phone. The flashing light indicates a new email, message, task or breaking headline and, of course, you check it. You’re already busy and that’s before you’ve set a foot on your bedroom floor.

As you leave the house, you think of the traffic, the 10AM appointment you can’t miss, the conference call at 12 and, of course lunch with that all important client…but you never stop to think of yourself.

So how do you make the crucial connection between body and soul, between being busy while remaining calm, between surviving and existing. How do you prepare your body and mind for the day so that you are better prepared for the day ahead. One strategy to try is instead of waking up and hitting the ground running, you wake up and…stop.

And how does that strategy work? Well, take it literally, when the alarm goes off open your eyes and then relax, ignore your cell’s blinking lights, it can wait. The outside world can wait for you, Listen to the gentle sound of your breath, go about your morning breakfast routine. Look after yourself before letting the outside world in, take care of the small things, like brushing your teeth or taking a short walk while all the time being mindful of your inner self and your surroundings.

By starting your day this way you will ensure that your body and mind are synced for the everyday tasks of modern living. To successfully achieve this, make sure you plan “you” time before the outside world takes over. This should involve quiet time where you sit in a calm place to spend time alone with your thoughts. Have a meditation routine, listen to your breadth, repeat that meaningful passage to yourself, make it your mantra and don’t let anything else in. There is no right or wrong, it is yours and yours alone. Your mantra can become the connection to centre your thoughts after they have wandered or have drifted towards worry.         

By taking time for yourself and bringing your mind and body into alignment you will set yourself up for your day in a much calmer way. You will become more aware of how you feel each day and will recognise when you need to adjust your thinking and centre your mind. This allows you to meet the stresses of modern living armed with the correct tools to ensure calmness and peacefulness — simply by taking a few moments every day to stop before you begin

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