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Rediscover the real you.

After years of prioritizing your family, your career, your aging parents, you feel that the size and shape of your body is in need of a makeover! Your clothes are feeling way too snug and you have decided that adding yet another size to your wardrobe is not going to happen.  You are also concerned about the impact the additional weight is having on your back and the wear and tear of your joints.  You believe you are way too young to look and feel like you do. 

You have tried on your own and it has not worked!

It doesn’t take a lot to convince you that a person’s body weight and shape (muscle tone, posture) are strongly associated with the risk of developing many chronic health conditions.  You don’t need to read the research papers or hear the opinion of experts.  You can feel the impact that extra weight is having on your joints, your energy level, on your confidence level and on your ability to move and play sports. 

Your doctor may already be highlighting the signs that your health is being compromised.


We understand that it is not easy to ask for help and to draw attention to your weight when you are not feeling great about yourself.  We are here to empower you, to guide you and to be with you on the path to a healthy and fit body.  We know that making lifestyle changes and losing weight is easier when working with a supportive team.  Weighing in on a weekly basis allows you to commit to yourself and lets us guide you over hurdles that may be interfering with the plan.  Our approach allows you the flexibility to eat what you and your family like to eat.   We can help you bring balance to your diet. 

We want you to feel like our client that remarked “Who knew I would ever be able to feel like I did 30 years ago.  If I can, everybody can.”

Being healthy and fit enough to get out of bed every day with a smile on your face, look great in whatever you chose to wear and have the energy to do all that you want to do in your day are the reasons to do this program. 

We can help.  We want to help you rediscover the real you.

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