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The Golf Swing

Golf is an alluring sport for many reasons.  From a physiotherapists point of view, who’s focus is on preserving the body for the long haul while optimizing the golfers score today, the beauty of golf is that there are many different ways for an individual to create aneffective golf swing. The key for players, is to ensure that their swings are not physically debilitating as golf is a physically demanding sport and the human body was certainly not designed with golf in mind.

Many players, who are new to the game of golf today, are between 30 and 55 years. They come to golf from other sportsand many think of golf as a fairly relaxed or low impact game, but if your body is not properly prepared, golf can cause a host of injuries. While injuries are not only painful, they can limit your ability to participate. Incorporating some simple injury prevention techniques can mean the difference between a great season or a shortened one.  What golfer wants their recreational enjoyment limited?

At Life Force Physio, we are focused on minimizing our clients’ muscle and joint pain and maximizing their enjoyment and recreation time. Call Life Force Physio on (416) 207 9395 for your personal golf assessment so that you can proactively plan to have a pain free and injury-free golf season.

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