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What to do when your exercise results plateau…

It is easy to become discouraged when, after numerous hours of rigorous workout activity, the expected results fail to materialize. Such a plateau may even cause you to rethink whether your regular exercise grind is actually worth it. While the benefits of exercise for your overall health are well understood and known by most, in order to maintain enthusiasm, steady improvements in the results you see from your exercise are required to but, it’s also important to remember why you decided to exercise routinely to begin with, even if you don’t see quick results.

Stay Calm

When you commit to exercising routinely, it generally takes several weeks for you to see some tangible results. As with all things in life, persistence is the key. It’s important to keep your ultimate goal in mind and remember, the results you are craving will not appear overnight but to set a more realistic expectation for yourself, you should be able to see some results after 3-4 weeks.

Visualize Success

You’ve heard every motivational speaker and athlete say it and, even though it may feel like a cliché, visualizing your goals can help keep you motivated. Whatever you goal, visualizing yourself achieving it can help you attain something you may have seen as out of reach.

Ditch the Negativity

By visualizing yourself reaching your goal, you will help defeat any negative thoughts that may have crawled into your mind and start to waiver your commitment level. While it may be tempting to skip your exercise routine for an extended happy hour with friends after a rough day, don’t lose focus on why you started exercising in the first place.

Partner Up

You don’t have to face a struggle by yourself…by partnering up you will have a voice of encouragement by your side to help you achieve your goal. Ask your physiotherapist about our customized gym programs and let Life Force Physio help you achieve your exercise and health goals.

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