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The Benefits of Personalizing Your Gym Program

How many times have you set new fitness goals for yourself only to lose interest within a couple of weeks?  All of us struggle with motivation and a feeling of unfulfilled effort so it’s natural that we need a little help sometimes. 

One way to make the difference from previous attempts, is to work your physiotherapist to produce a personal gym program. A personal gym program is not just for stars and athletes.  Every single person can benefit from this approach and it’s an investment in your health and well-being. These are the reasons why following a gym program set by your physiotherapist will help you achieve more.


There is nothing like a set, paid for appointment to hold you accountable. Your physiotherapist will help you to develop a program with personalized goals along with developing a realistic, achievable plan to attain these goals.


Ok, it’s reasonably straightforward to go to the gym and start running on a treadmill…but then what? Your physiotherapist knows what you want to achieve, knows your capabilities and, coupled with being trained on the most effective methods to help you achieve your fitness goals, is best placed to help you be at your fittest and healthiest.


When you type fitness, health or exercise into your internet search engine, the information that will be available is overwhelming. Trying to decipher which information is most valid, accurate and up to date on your own is practically impossible. Your physiotherapist is continuously learning and that knowledge keeps them current with health trends. Adding this information to their professional knowledge and experience provides you with your personal expert on the best method for you to develop a healthier lifestyle. The added benefit is that your physiotherapist will see you on a regular basis, will be able to recognize if something is different or not right and will be able to guide you on how to correct any issues.


By investing in your physiotherapist, you physiotherapist will invest their care in you and will be motivated to see you succeed. They will be there to support you, guide you and give you feedback and encouragement each step along the path.


Reading exercise guides or watching all YouTube videos will never substitute having someone beside you to provide immediate feedback on your exercise technique. It is easy to hurt yourself in the gym. Your physiotherapist will make sure you are doing each exercise correctly. They can help you develop better running form and improve your posture knowing that teaching this proper form and technique will prevent injury.


As described above, by teaching you proper technique your physiotherapist will be helping you to prevent injuries by helping you increase your balance, flexibility, and core strength. They will focus on specific exercises to benefit you based on their knowledge of abilities.


Personal training is just that…by listening to your personal goals your physiotherapist will develop a program specific to you. Whether it’s weight loss or injury rehab, speak to a trained physiotherapist at Life Force Physio and they will tailor your personal gym program. 

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