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Exercise is the Key to Healthy Aging

Incorporating regular exercise as you age is a very important factor in maintaining your health, but not only that, it maintains and improves the quality of life you will lead in your senior years. This is true even if you don’t start exercising until you reach your senior years.  Regular exercise will have you looking better, feeling more energised, and experiencing more of life at a when you have the time to really enjoy it. The benefits of a fit and healthier you by regularly exercising include:

  • The ability to maintain a healthy weight. Your metabolism slows naturally with age and so maintaining a healthy weight is a challenge. By incorporating exercise in your life it will help you increase metabolism and build muscle mass, which helps to burn more calories.

  • Helping to reduce the impact of illness and chronic disease. Adults over 50 who exercise regularly have improved immune function, better heart health and blood pressure along with a lowered risk of several chronic conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, and certain cancers.

  • Enhancing mobility, flexibility, and balance. Regular exercise improves your flexibility, posture and overall strength which results in improved balance, coordination and therefore reducing the risk of falls.

  • Better sleep. Good quality sleep is essential for healthy living. Exercise is a big contributor to improved quality sleep, by helping you fall into a deeper sleep more quickly.

  • Enhancing your mood. Exercise releases endorphins which help reduce feelings of depression or anxiety. It also has a positive impact on stress.

  • Improving brain function. Mental based activities like word search puzzles can help keep your brain active, but the beneficial effects of exercise on the brain cannot be replicated by mental activities. Exercise benefits many brain functions and can help prevent memory loss, cognitive decline, and dementia. Exercise may even help slow the progression of brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

To help you experience the healthiest life you can achieve, speak to a trained physiotherapist at Life Force Physio and they will assist you in designing a personal exercise program. 

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