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7 ways to live a healthier lifestyle…

These days, it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t list “living a healthier life” as a goal. All of us in our twenties, and maybe some of us in our thirties may take our bodies for granted, because generally it does what we ask it to do, but once your body slips into the forties a healthy lifestyle is vital for you to maintain the relationship whereby your body reacts when you ask it to perform. So, what exactly is a healthy lifestyle? Well, healthy living can mean different things to different people but if you follow these general tips, you will be a long way towards that healthy living goal:

Sleep more – This tip is top of the list for a reason, it is a vital ingredient of any healthy lifestyle…because if you don’t get enough sleep, everything else suffers. Even mild sleep deprivation (sleeping less than your recommended amount) leads to an increased chance of you being overweight, decreases your productivity, affects your immune system, can increase your appetite and can make you tired, moody, anxious and likely to be depressed. If you lack the correct amount of good quality sleep, it must be the first item on your list to fix before addressing anything else.

Exercise regularly – This tip is second only to sleep, and, once added to your daily routine, will help enormously with ensuring that good quality sleep is easily attained. Regular exercise will also help you control your weight, improve your mood, improve your cardiovascular health, help increase your lifespan , boost your energy and can even boost your brain power.    

Drink more water – with the human body comprising approximately 60% water, staying hydrated is essential to maintain the balance of body fluids, helps you control calorie intake, helps maintain healthy skin, helps energize muscles and can help you fight fatigue. 

Listen to your body – Learn to listen to your body. Drink water when you’re thirsty. Eat healthy food when you feel hungry and stop when your body says it’s full. Sleep when your body wants to. Learn the difference between feeling tired and feeling lazy, rest when you’re tired and push through the laziness. When your body and mind are crying for a break, take that much needed vacation. By learning to listen attentively to your body, you will take really good care of it and in return, it will take really good care of you.

Keep moving – Rather than be sedentary, your body is designed to move, and when you move it, it will reward you with better sleep, more energy and increased flexibility as your body ages.

Eat slower and eat small – When you eat, once food reaches your stomach, there is a delay with your brain registering that you are full. Often, by the time you register as being “full” you’ve eaten more that you should have. To combat this, eat slower and eat smaller portions. Take the time to have a good conversation with those you are sharing the meal with or just slow down and enjoy the taste of the food you’re eating…you will be surprised at how effective this tip will be in helping you reduce your calorie intake.

Trust in your abilities – If you tell yourself that you can or you can’t do something, you’re generally right. In other words, don’t tell yourself you can’t do something or your mind will believe it. Always believe in yourself and never feel that you can’t achieve something. You can do anything you want to do if you put your mind to it and work on it. Believing in yourself is a powerful thing and will lead to you being more confident and much happier.

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