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Golf Course - Five Benefits of Preparing for your First Round of the Season blog post

Five Benefits of Preparing for your First Round of the Season

1. Avoid Injury:

The biomechanics of the golf swing and the related injuries are now well understood.  The majority of golf injuries are predictable and happily, also avoidable.  The first step is to identify what injuries you may be predisposed to because of tight or weak muscles, stiff joints, poor timing during the swing or a number of other factors.  Preparation before starting your season parallels laying a foundation before building a house.

2. Compensate for how your body will have changed since your last round:

It is amazing how significantly our bodies change in a short period of time.  Our level of activity influences such age related changes that start from about 25 years old!!   If you are not a year-round golfer your body will need to be primed for all that rotation after your off-season, even if you are active during the off-season.  Each specific sport trains particular muscles and moves joints in way that is not necessarily transferable or appropriate for golf.  Preparation allows your tissues to safely adapt to the demands of the golf swing.

3. Train your good golfing habits:

Good, bad or indifferent all habits are stored in the brain – forever.  Preparation allows you to reinforce the good habits and reduce the likelihood of using a pre-existing bad habit.  For example, such bad habits can be cued by a tight or weak muscle.

 4. Groove your golf swing:

Most golfers tweak their swing throughout their golf career.  Unfortunately a lot of golfers change a component of their swing during the season, increasing their risk of injury and making it more difficult to implement the changes.  Taking the time now to complete specific muscle training, flexibility work and training how your brain plans your swing facilitates successfully changing your swing.

5. Train your brain to be quiet:

Signal to noise ratio is a term used in science and engineering that compares the level of desired signal to the level of background noise.  Of all sports the term is most suited to golf as the motor control planning involved in the golf swing is so complicated and allows only a small margin of error.  Improving the desired signal sent to your muscles and reducing the noise caused by the distractions of your day when on the course requires training and needs to start before the golf season.

Do what you love to do all season long, for many seasons to come, in a way that impresses even you!


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