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Green smoothie and healthy foods - Four Things to Consider Before you Plan a Detox or Cleanse blog post

Four Things to Consider Before you Plan a Detox or Cleanse

Four Things to Consider Before you Plan a Detox or Cleanse

Detoxification and cleansing are nutrition buzz words that bring on images of juices, grapefruit and teas.  Our bodies detoxify naturally each and every day however sometimes our lives throw more at our bodies than we can handle, leaving us sluggish and fatigued.   A properly planned detox program can help our bodies feel lighter and leaner and allow our bodies to focus on functioning better instead of being preoccupied with the work it takes to digest our food each day.  Whether your plan is for one day or one week, is all fresh juice or is simply eliminating some of the harder foods to digest, consider the following:

  1. Pick a good time to cleanse – stress is not conducive to healing or cleansing so doing a detox  the first few weeks of a new job or the month before your daughter’s wedding will likely not be worth your effort.  You will see much better results if you can rest, get outside, exercise lightly and breathe deeply which will support your body’s cleaning efforts all around.
  2. Nutrition – your detox plan needs to consider optimal nutrition to support liver functions and detoxification pathways.  Harmful toxins and heavy metals often need specific nutrients to bind to and ‘escort’ them out of the body.  Without these nutrients these toxins may end up being more trouble to you than when you started, in that your elimination organs can’t finish the job.  Cleanses with very few foods or nutrients are suspect of not having enough nutrition to support your liver and kidneys.
  3. Consider what suits you best.  One cleanse or detox program does not fit all and you need to consider the length of the cleanse you would feel comfortable with and whether the foods included will sustain you.  A plan should include the right amount of foods and nutrition to sustain you and nourish the detox function and at the same time minimize digestive work required by your body.
  4. Choose a plan that incorporates whole foods and ingredients.  Firstly you won’t be adding in additional chemicals and secondly you might learn how to make some new recipes for meals or drinks that you can add in to your routine after your focused detox.


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