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Doctor adjusting knee brace - The Benefits of a Custom Brace for Sport Injuries blog post

The Benefits of a Custom Brace for Sport Injuries

One of the most common complaints made by patients are knee joint disorders.  The knee is the largest joint in the body, and its exposed position makes it vulnerable to injury during athletic activities.  The most commonly seen knee joint injuries are cruciate ligament, medial collateral ligament and meniscus injuries, especially for those involved in athletic activities. The most common knee condition however, is arthritis.

Strength, flexibility and technique are important components of knee injury prevention and management; however the use of knee braces is also a critical component of preventive and therapeutic rehabilitation. There are many benefits to wearing a knee brace; especially the support and stability that the brace provides. A knee brace provides support and stability by stimulating the skin. The brain responds to the increased sensory input by keeping the muscles in the area more active than it would otherwise be. Some custom knee braces also unload the knee joint, which is beneficial when arthritis is present in the joint.


A custom knee brace can be very beneficial at providing support and stability in side-to-side motion. Most people will find that not only do they benefit from the support and stability of a knee brace when they injure a knee ligament, but also they benefit from pain relief while wearing the brace.  These braces are to be wornimmediately after injury, preventatively when actively participating in a sport to help prevent future injury or on a regular basis if a degenerative condition is present.


If you have an injury to your knee, or if you are looking for extra stability and support when performing athletic activities…please talk to one of our physiotherapists to arrange your customised knee brace.

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