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Is pain threatening your ability to play the sports you love to play?

It is understandable that we negotiate with ourselves and even go into a state of denial about the pain that is niggling away as we play.  “It’s minor, it will go away on its own, I can still play…..”  It is frustrating when injury stops us from participating in sport and even more annoying when we are in pain without ever having an ‘injury’.   There is a simple solution that deals with the problem before it results in your absence from sport – a stepupphysio sports assessment and treatment program.

Sports injuries, cumulative loading, repetitive strain or poor biomechanics can all lead to pain and tissue damage.  It can be difficult for clients to understand why they are in pain now after years of playing a particular sport.  Subtle differences in our fitness level, pre-season training, strength and flexibility and yes, unfortunately, age can all contribute to the onset of pain and tissue failure.  Deciding to take your performance level up a few notches also needs to be planned and the support structures put in place to ensure your body can handle the higher forces and speeds.

Today the pain may only be a ‘niggle’ but niggles are a sign of a problem that can escalate to a sharp, unrelenting and functionally limiting pain.   While we all feel short of time and tend to prioritize other aspects of life rather than our health, your participation in sport may depend on addressing this niggle or pain now.

It is rewarding to see our clients smile from ear to ear as they happily report how superbly they and their team did in their last game.  After a few weeks of enjoying riveting games (tennis, cycling, soccer, baseball) we likely all want to get out and play, play well and play all season.

 Call for your sport assessment today.

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