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Too tired to exercise?

Whether you’re tired from the stresses of everyday life, lack of sleep or too much exercise, the effects of exhaustion are obvious. At times like these, finding the motivation to complete your exercise routine is difficult. 

Why are you Tired?

In general, the main cause of most people’s tiredness is skimping on sleep and, as this process is what allows your body to recharge, it is the last thing that you should skimp on. The sleep process is where your body produces growth hormones, which helps strengthen your bones and muscles and, without sufficient sleep, your body will not recover as readily.

How is your Stress?

If you have logged sufficient sleep during the week, but still feel exhausted, it may be due to a particularly stressful week. Studies have shown that people’s exercise performance after completing a brain-sapping task reported finding the exercise more difficult and stopped sooner compared to a group who spent that time watching TV and then exercising. Mental fatigue is different to physical fatigue in that while it doesn’t physically limit you, you find you can’t exercise as hard when your brain is spent.

Sometimes You Just Need a Rest

While your priority is to stick to your workout plan sometimes your body takes over and sends you a signal that you need to rest and skip your workout. You need to pay attention to your body if your usual motivation isn’t there, as it’s your body’s way of saying, “take a break”. A rest day along with a good night’s sleep will generally be sufficient recovery for most people.

Talk to your physiotherapist at Life Force Physio in Etobicoke about how to listen to your body and how to tailor your lifestyle and to help you achieve your exercise and health goals. 

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