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Want some help with your New Year’s Resolutions?

It’s that time of the year again, the time when after evaluating your year you decide on some new year’s resolutions. You’re happy with the goals you set and, once you’ve written them down, you’re convinced that this time, it’ll be different. You’re eager for the change, you look forward to the new you. This is a great start but how do we make it different from previous years when practically all of us (if we admit it) have not lived up fully to previous resolutions? Here’s where we at stepupphysio have a solution.

In previous years, and probably right now, when you look at your new year’s resolutions practically all of them are focused on the ultimate goal like losing 25 pounds, getting a promotion at work or living a healthier life. Any improvement goal you set yourself is great but when you set the goal like this you’re setting the end result and, most likely, you’ve not set out a plan of how to get there. As with anything you set out to do, if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.     

So this year, having decided on your resolutions, take the extra step that most of us fail to do…decide on your route to get there. Set up your process to achieve your goal and focus on completing this process. So if your resolution is to “live a healthier life” and you’ve decided to exercise more, one way to start is to buy new sneakers and go for a 20 minute run three times a week. Focus on this one task and, once you’ve achieved it regularly, increase the time or frequency. Before you know it, by focusing on the task, this will filter out into your eating and sleeping habits and you will be living healthier.

A second route to the success of your resolutions is to break them down into mini goals that you can bench-mark along the way. So, if your resolution is to lose 25 pounds, give yourself a mini-goal of losing 4 pounds by the end of January and when you achieve it, celebrate it. Not only will you feel great for having achieved your target, but this will motivate you to keep going and will make your ultimate goal more achievable.

As with any change, there will come a time when the going gets tough, and your resolve can be worn down. This is normally the point when your resolutions are consigned to the scrap heap. By employing the steps described above, when it gets tough, by focusing on the process to achieve your goal you will avoid this pitfall.

So why not let us help you achieve your new year’s resolution, call us at Life Force Physio and ask us about our personalized programs like our golf program or Winners Weight program. We will help you to be the best version of yourself.

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